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Universal Anti-Skid Surface

A reversible safety grating, Allmarc's Universal Anti-Skid Surface provides adaptable solutions for diverse preferences in safety features.

A reversible safety grating, providing adaptability for diverse safety preferences in industrial and general walking surfaces.

The Allmarc Universal Anti-Skid Surface is a unique and reversible grating designed to cater to the specific needs of users. With the flexibility to be used on both upward and downward sides, it empowers users to choose based on their priorities, whether it be dumping ability, visibility, slip resistance, or appearance. This safety grating stands out with its simple yet attractive design, making it a versatile and efficient solution applicable across a wide spectrum of industries.

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- Reversible design for flexible usage on both upward and downward sides.
- Customizable for dumping ability, visibility, slip resistance, and appearance preferences.
- Simple and attractive design enhances versatility and aesthetics.
- Cost-effective solution offering value for investment.
- Variable dumping ability for diverse industrial and general walking surface applications.

- Industrial settings requiring adaptable safety solutions.
- General walking surfaces where flexibility and efficiency are paramount.

Available with with Custom Perforations

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The Universal Anti-Skid Surface from Allmarc goes beyond standard solutions by offering the added feature of customized perforations. This unique capability allows users to fine-tune the grating's performance, ensuring it precisely meets specific needs and performance requirements. Whether it's optimizing drainage, enhancing ventilation, or addressing site-specific challenges, the option for customized perforations adds a new dimension of adaptability to this versatile safety grating.

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