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Fixed Seismic Stopper

Essential component for safeguarding structures against seismic forces.

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Overview of Fixed Seismic Stopper

The Fixed Seismic Stopper is a critical element in seismic engineering. It acts as a restraint to mitigate seismic forces and ensure the structural integrity of buildings during seismic events.

Benefits of Fixed Seismic Stopper

- Seismic Protection
- Enhanced Structural Safety
- Efficient and Reliable
- Non-Invasive Design

Specifications of Fixed Seismic Stopper

- Height: 300mm x 300mm x 1760mm
- MS Plate (Stopper): E350 B0 As per IS 2062
- Rubber: Chloroprene & Sponge as per specification & material criteria
- I Bolt: 8.8 Grade as per IS 4190

Uses of Fixed Seismic Stopper

Fixed Seismic Stoppers are employed in construction projects to enhance the seismic resilience of structures and safeguard them from potential earthquake damage.

Movable Seismic Stopper

Versatile seismic protection solution, safeguards structures from earthquake impacts.

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Overview of Movable Seismic Stopper

The Movable Seismic Stopper is a versatile and robust solution designed to protect structures from the potentially devastating effects of seismic activity. This innovative device consists of high-quality components, ensuring its reliability in safeguarding buildings during earthquakes. It is designed for ease of movement and deployment, allowing for flexible placement as needed. This mobility, combined with its strong seismic resistance, makes it an essential tool for enhancing structural safety.

Benefits of Movable Seismic Stopper

- Seismic Resilience
- Mobility and Versatility
- High-Quality Components
- Enhanced Structural Safety

Specifications of Movable Seismic Stopper

- Height: 300mm x 300mm x 1455mm
- MS Plate (Stopper): E350 B0 as per IS 2062
- MS Plate (Top cover): E250 B0 as per IS 2062
- Rubber: Chloroprene As per specification & material criteria mention in drawing
- I Bolt: 8.8 Grade as per IS 4190 Screw Stock Nut: 8.8 Grade as per IS 1363 

Uses of Movable Seismic Stopper

The Movable Seismic Stopper is utilized in construction and engineering projects to enhance seismic resilience, ensuring that structures remain stable and secure during seismic events. Its mobility and adaptability make it an invaluable tool for addressing seismic safety requirements.

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