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AllGuard - Elevate safety with Allmarc's weld-free, modular handrail system, ensuring swift installation and robust corrosion protection in industrial environments.

AllGuard, Allmarc's revolutionary No-Weld Modular Railing System, offers a fast, pre-engineered, and weld-free solution for seamless integration in diverse industrial setups. Featuring a zinc-coated finish, it ensures excellent corrosion protection.

- No-Welding at Site: Eliminates the need for on-site welding, reducing complexities and ensuring faster installation.
- Skilled Worker Not Required: Does not require skilled workers or fabricators, making it accessible for various project teams.
- Faster Installation: Pre-engineered design allows for quick assembly, speeding up the installation process.
- Ready to Ship: Swift availability with ready-to-ship components, ensuring timely project execution.

AllGuard is ideal for a wide range of industrial applications, providing secure and durable handrail solutions in chemical plants, manufacturing facilities, construction sites, and more.

Components of AllGuard

- Corner Mid Elbow: Effortlessly navigate turns with the Corner Mid Elbow, ensuring a smooth and secure transition in your modular handrail system.
- Standard 4-Way Connector: Enhance versatility with the Standard 4-Way Connector, providing a junction point for four handrail segments, ensuring seamless adaptability.
- Standard Tee Connector: Optimize your handrail configuration using the Standard Tee Connector, allowing for the creation of intersections with ease.
- Standard Base Adaptor: Ensure stability with the Standard Base Adaptor, providing a secure connection to the base, enhancing the overall strength of your handrail system.
- Angular Swivel Adaptor & Adjustable Tee Connector: Achieve flexibility in design with the Angular Swivel Adaptor & Adjustable Tee Connector, allowing for angular adjustments and versatile tee configurations.
- Stair Base Adaptor & Stair Post Adaptor: Safeguard staircases effectively using the Stair Base Adaptor & Stair Post Adaptor, ensuring a sturdy and reliable handrail system on elevated platforms.
- Standard Wall Adaptor: Seamlessly integrate your handrail with existing structures using the Standard Wall Adaptor, offering a secure connection to walls.
- Angular 4-Way Connector: Add complexity to your handrail layout with the Angular 4-Way Connector, enabling smooth transitions and intersections at various angles.

Customisations Feasible

Our team of experienced engineers excels in fabricating bespoke solutions tailored to your specific requirements. From intricate details to large-scale projects, we ensure precision and excellence in every customization. Your vision, our expertise – let's build success together.

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