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Witness our remarkable transformation from humble beginnings to becoming an industry-leading manufacturing powerhouse.

Ganesh Gohil & Kaushal Gohil

Managing Director

Meet Ganesh Gohil, the visionary founder and dynamic managing director of Allmarc Industries. A remarkable journey that began three decades ago in a modest 400 square feet workshop in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, has now evolved into an awe-inspiring success story. With a team of just four employees, Ganesh embarked on a mission to provide custom steel fabrication solutions, but his dreams reached far beyond the workshop's confines.

Fuelled by an unyielding passion to cater to the highest quality steel fabrication needs of renowned Engineering and Construction giants across the nation, Ganesh Gohil turned his vision into reality. Today, the tale of Allmarc Industries reads like a saga of achievements - a colossal 350,000 square feet manufacturing unit, a portfolio of patented products, multi-million dollars turnover and an extensive client base spanning across the globe, with over 200 esteemed clients. Ganesh Gohil's journey is an inspiration in itself, as he transformed from a self-taught fabricator into an accomplished engineer. His unwavering commitment to delivering excellence and custom steel fabrication solutions has been the driving force behind Allmarc's ascent to greatness. Today, Allmarc stands tall as one of India's leading providers of formwork, scaffolding-decking solutions, and safety access systems, transcending borders and making its mark on the international stage.

Taking inspiration from his father's resolute spirit, Mr. Kaushal Gohil, the Director of Allmarc Industries, is now leading the charge. With an exceptional academic background in Industrial Engineering and an MBA degree, Kaushal brings to the table a rare blend of technical expertise and strategic acumen. Together, this father-son duo creates a perfect amalgamation of experience, innovation, and passion. Guided by Ganesh Gohil's invaluable wisdom and fueled by Kaushal's youthful energy, Allmarc's growth knows no bounds. Kaushal's visionary approach to international business development has unlocked new horizons, establishing strong partnerships and introducing cutting-edge solutions to clients worldwide.

Their collective commitment to quality and continuous improvement is the hallmark of their success. Kaushal's mastery of industry best practices and state-of-the-art technologies has enhanced Allmarc's product offerings, ensuring unparalleled customer satisfaction. Their journey inspires us to dream big, embrace challenges, and strive for greatness. Ganesh Gohil and Kaushal Gohil's indomitable spirit serves as a beacon, motivating us to reach new heights, forge ahead, and make a mark in our own endeavors. Together, they embody the essence of unwavering determination, innovation, and dedication, and their story continues to inspire and ignite the fire within each one of us to conquer our dreams.

Parzan Kavina


Meet Parzan Kavina, the astute Director of Allmarc Industries, who propels our growth and success with a strategic focus on business development. Leveraging his MBA, with a strong background in international exports and a master's in Human Resource Management, he navigates global markets and forges powerful partnerships.

Parzan's dynamic leadership is instrumental in driving Allmarc's growth and exploring new avenues for expansion. With his strategic mindset and keen understanding of market dynamics, he charts the course for our global business development initiatives while fostering a culture of excellence. His proficiency in international exports and effective communication with stakeholders ensures seamless collaborations, delivering exceptional outcomes for our clients and partners. As a master in Human Resource Management, Parzan also emphasizes nurturing a culture of excellence, empowering employees to excel in their roles.

Under his guidance, Allmarc Industries continues to soar, offering innovative formwork, scaffolding, and custom fabrication solutions. With a focus on ethical practices and a commitment to delivering value, Parzan Kavina is propelling Allmarc towards a brighter and more promising future in the construction industry.

Nirav Patel

General Manager

Nirav Patel is the General Manager at Allmarc Industries, where he presides over the design and sales verticals with finesse. With an unwavering dedication to meeting customer requirements, he ensures that all fabricated products adhere to the highest quality standards. Through seamless coordination with various internal stakeholders, ranging from the design team to executives at the manufacturing plant at Ahmedabad, Nirav orchestrates a harmonious workflow that optimizes operational efficiency and guarantees timely delivery to clients.

A true hands-on leader, Nirav actively engages with clients to gain profound insights into their distinct needs, facilitating the tailoring of products and services to precise specifications. His unyielding commitment to punctuality and steadfast focus on customer satisfaction have been instrumental in propelling Allmarc Industries to unparalleled growth and success within the market. Nirav Patel's remarkable amalgamation of technical expertise, astute leadership acumen, and unwavering dedication to client-centricity have indubitably left an enduring mark on both the company and the industry at large, eliciting admiration and respect from colleagues and competitors alike.

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