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Primary Beam

The Primary Beam, designed for slab formwork and shoring, combines heavy-duty load support, optimal flexural rigidity, and efficient weight distribution to ensure stability and precision in elevated construction

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The Primary Beam takes center stage in slab formwork and shoring applications, offering robust support and structural stability crucial for seamless construction processes. Engineered for reliability, it ensures the integrity of formwork systems, providing a solid foundation for elevated slabs and structures.


Heavy-Duty Load Support
With a moment (M) of 5 kN.m, the Primary Beam is tailored for heavy load-bearing, making it indispensable in supporting elevated slabs during construction.

Optimal Flexural Rigidity
Boasting a flexural rigidity (EI) of 210 kNm2, it resists deformation under load, ensuring the precision and stability required in slab formwork and shoring applications.

Efficient Weight Distribution:
Weighing 3 kg/m, the beam strikes a balance between strength and maneuverability, facilitating ease of handling and installation in formwork and shoring setups.


- Slab Formwork: Providing sturdy support for formwork systems, ensuring accurate and secure molding of concrete slabs.
- Shoring Applications: Offering reliable structural support during the construction of elevated structures, enhancing safety and stability.


- Size: 1.8m, 2.4m, 3m
- Moment (M) : 5 kN.m
- Shear Force (Fs): 8 kN
- Flexural Rigidity (EI): 420 kNm2
- Weight: 7.52 kg/m
- Section Dimensions: 150 mm (H) x 80mm (W)

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