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Hy-Rib is a sacrificial expanded metal formwork that improves concrete bonding, reduces surface preparation, and enhances construction efficiency.

About HY-RIB

Hy-Rib is a specialized expanded metal sheet product engineered for use as permanent formwork in concrete applications. Its open mesh profile facilitates the flow of concrete slurry through the keyjoint, creating a robust mechanical key for subsequent pours. While primarily utilized for construction joint applications, Hy-Rib also proves valuable in scenarios such as wall, beam, column, and soffit slab construction, where the formed surface remains unseen.

The principal advantage of Hy-Rib lies in its substantial reduction of surface preparation. When concreting resumes on the other side of the formwork, the angled tangs become embedded, forming a sturdy mechanical bond. Consequently, Hy-Rib joints exhibit superior strength compared to traditional joints.

Hy-Rib is versatile and suitable for use in single-faced, double-faced, curved, lost formwork, or underwater settings, combining the strengths of steel and timber to provide reliable performance in conventional construction formwork.

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- Hy-Rib joints surpass traditionally prepared joints in shear and bond strength.
- Mitigates the risk of Hand and Arm Vibration injuries (commonly referred to as "white finger").
- Facilitates real-time visual monitoring of the pouring process, reducing the likelihood of voids and honeycombing.
- Effectively adaptable for both vertical and horizontal applications.
- Its lightweight design simplifies on-site handling, accelerating construction and reducing labor requirements.
- Compatible with various concrete types and necessitates minimal support systems.


Hy-Rib is applied to various concrete construction scenarios where a sturdy, effective formwork solution is needed. Its primary use is for construction joints, but it also serves well in wall, beam, column, and soffit slab construction, especially in cases where the formed surface will not be visible.

Product Specifications

Hy-Rib is available in Different Gauges and Dimensions. The sheets are identifiable by Various colour strips.

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