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Allstep - Modular Access Solution

Safety Access Systems

A modular access system with five components for effortless configuration, ensuring safe and versatile industrial access solutions.

Allstep is a versatile Modular Access System comprising only five components, allowing easy configuration for various industrial applications. Its effortless assembly through simple bolting facilitates safe access over pathways, pipes, equipment, walls, and other obstacles. The modular design allows for reconfiguration and relocation for different applications.

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5 easy to assemble components of Allstep

1. Platforms:
- Prefabricated in a standard size of 700 × 700 mm.
- Steel construction ensures high strength and load-bearing capacity.
- Universal slots for easy bolting to other units like stairs, ladders, handrails, and supports.
- Expandable in both longitude and traverse directions.
- Requires support at intervals of 2800 mm.

2. Stairs:
- Prefabricated in a standard size of 700 × 700 mm.
- Six standard stair units ranging from 1 to 6 steps.
- Steel construction for stability during climbing.
- Easily connectable to other units.
- Comes with prefabricated 1.5" round steel handrails.
- Anti-skid surface options: Allmarc Grip-Strut and Allmarc Universal.

3. Handrails:
- Standard length of 700 mm to fit the platform unit's length/width.
- Made of heavy-duty 1.5" 1.6mm thick round steel pipe.
- Easily bolted along the platform bottom.

4. Tower Supports:
- Carries the load of platforms and workers with stability.
- Can be bolted to any side of the stair unit or between two platforms.
- Available in six different sizes for various height configurations.
- Made of heavy-duty (4mm) steel for maximum load-bearing capacity.

5. Ladders:
- Steel ladders with rungs for safe climbing. Ideal for limited surface areas with increased working height.
- Extended handrails for ease while moving to the platform.
- Bolts to the bottom of the platform.
- Available in six standard sizes, interlocking to configure into a higher number of steps.

Allstep offers a streamlined process from needs analysis to delivery, ensuring the right access solution is provided on time, every time.

- Prefabricated in a standard size of 700 × 700 mm.
- Effortless assembly and disassembly.
- Customizable configurations for diverse applications.
- High strength, stability, and load-bearing capacity.
- Anti-skid surface options for safety.

- Access over pathways, pipes, equipment, and obstacles.
- Reconfigurable and relocatable for different applications.

- Tailored dimensions to fit specific project requirements.
- Surface finish options for various environmental conditions.

- Industrial premises with varying access needs.
- Construction sites with obstacles and uneven terrain.
- Warehouses and storage facilities.

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