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Secondary Beam - Steel Timber

A product that can serve as a substitute for all your wooden battens.

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We offer wooden battens with a full-length steel cover, significantly enhancing reusability up to 250 times. Steel Timber® introduces a distinctive concept, harnessing the synergies of steel and timber seamlessly integrated for conventional construction formwork applications. Its installation is straightforward, requiring no additional costly accessories, and it seamlessly integrates with existing conventional formwork systems.

Applications of Steel Timber in Wall and Column Construction

Steel Timber finds versatile applications in various structural elements, including Slabs, Beams, Columns and Retaining Walls.

Wall & Column Construction:
- Allowable Concrete Pressure: With a commendable 60kN/m, Steel Timber ensures robust support for wall formwork, accommodating the pressures exerted during concrete pouring.
- Sizes of Steel Timber: Available in lengths of 2.40m & 1.80m, providing flexibility in adapting to different wall dimensions.
- Connection with Standard Waling: Connected seamlessly with Standard Waling of ISMC 100x50, ensuring a secure framework.

Wall & Column Construction:
- Splice Plate: Facilitates a robust connection with an included connecting pin.
- Adjustable Splice Plate: Ideal for fillers, ensuring adaptability to various wall - configurations..
Corner Connectors: Specifically designed for 90º corners, enhancing the structural integrity of wall formwork..
- Corner Walings: Tailored for internal corner 90º, providing additional support and stability. Standard Waling (2X ISMC100x50): Ensures uniform support and reinforcement along the wall formwork..
- Rafter Plate: Enhances the overall stability of the formwork system..
- Lifting Hooks: Streamlines the handling and installation process..
- Pouring Brackets and Plumbing Accessories: Essential components for a seamless concrete pouring process, ensuring precision and accuracy in wall construction.

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Benefits of Steel Timber

- Repetition increased to 250 times, reducing cost per usage.
- Galvanized for corrosion resistance.
- Easy handling and lightweight, facilitating quick attachment to wooden panels.
- Mechanical properties nearly equal to wooden H beams, surpassing pine, silverwood, and LVL.
- Enhanced productivity on-site with easy nailing.
- Better salvage value at the end of the useful life.

Allmarc’s Capabilities

- 200,000 Mtrs. of Steel Timber Monthly production Capacity
- 25000 Sq. Ft. Area with dedicated semi automatic Assembly Line
- 60+ Qualified workmen’s team for Steel timber

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Specifications - Steel Timber

Pre-Galvanized Iron Pipe: Rectangular pipes with a pre-galvanized coating, featuring YST 210 steel and a 2mm thickness, enhance the product's strength. Utilizing top-quality wood from Germany, Australia, and New Zealand ensures the highest quality.

- Size: 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.4m
- Moment (M) : 2 kN.m
- Shear Force (Fs): 5 kN
- Flexural Rigidity (EI): 54 kNm2
- Weight: 4.4 kg/m
- Section Dimensions: 70 mm (H) x 50mm (W)

Advantages of Allmarc’s Steel Timber
- Tested at IIT Chennai.
- Laser-cut slots for easy on-site nailing.
- Timber fastened to pipes with Zinc Plated
- Chip-Board Screws to prevent movement.
- Automatic machine for batch timber insertion, enhancing efficiency and eliminating gaps.
- Durable Galvanized Iron End Caps provide protection and enhance product aesthetics.
- Zinc-rich paint on all edges ensures maximum corrosion resistance and longer product life.
- Bundled steel timbers for efficient transportation space utilization, strapped, and palletized for protection during transit.

Machineries Used in the Production of Steel Timber
- 6 KW Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
- Automatic Slot Punching Machine with Pneumatic Feeding System
- Semi-Automated Pipe Length Cutting Machines
- Automatic Timber Planning Machines
- Timber Length Cutting Machines
- Customized Automation for Timber Insertion into Pipe
- Drilling & Tapping Machines

Customisations Feasible

Our team of experienced engineers excels in fabricating bespoke solutions tailored to your specific requirements. From intricate details to large-scale projects, we ensure precision and excellence in every customization. Your vision, our expertise – let's build success together.

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