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FSLM, or Full Span Girder Launching Method, is an advanced technique for efficient and precise bridge construction.

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Overview of FSLM

While Allmarc hasn't developed the FLSM yet, our capabilities are more than sufficient to manufacture such a complex system. The FLSM features a 40m long segment, making it a considerable engineering feat. The structure of this mold is notably intricate compared to other molds, and its substantial size necessitates a correspondingly large manufacturing plant. Fortunately, Allmarc boasts enough factory space and area to accommodate the production of such colossal molds.

To further support our manufacturing endeavors, we have a heavy lifting crane in place, ensuring efficient handling of the large components involved in the FLSM. Our manufacturing facility is not just extensive but also high-tech, equipped with cutting-edge technology to meet the precision and complexity demands of the FLSM. Additionally, we have established partnerships with high-tech hydraulic part suppliers, ensuring a seamless supply chain for the specialized components required in the FLSM.

The inner shutter of the FLSM adds another layer of complexity with its bullet-shaped design, requiring a multitude of hydraulic cylinders aligned across its entire 40m length. The synchronized operation of these cylinders is crucial to execute the right sequence efficiently on the project site. Allmarc's comprehensive infrastructure, technological capabilities, and strategic partnerships position us as a reliable and capable entity to take on the challenges posed by such a sophisticated and sizable undertaking.


- Accelerated Construction
- Enhanced Bridge Integrity
- Reduced Disruption to Traffic
- Cost-Effective Bridge Building


FSLM is employed for the construction of highway and railway bridges, viaducts, and other elevated structures where efficiency and accuracy are crucial.

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