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Allmarc’s Machinery & Equipments

Allmarc Industries Pvt Ltd boasts a comprehensive array of cutting-edge machinery across various categories to meet the demands of precision engineering and fabrication. Each category of machinery plays a crucial role in Allmarc's manufacturing process, contributing to precision, efficiency, and versatility in delivering top-notch solutions for the construction and infrastructure industry.

CNC Machines for Precision Cutting and Punching

- CNC Plasma Cutting Machine - Messer Multitherm Pro 4000
- CNC Punching Machine - Trumpf Tru-Punch 1000
- CNC Tube Laser Cutting Machine
- CNC Shearing Machine

Power Presses for Shaping Strength

- Hydraulic Power Presses
- Mechanical Power Presses

Welding Machines for Expert Joining

- EWM Make (German) MIG Welding Technology
- Warp Make Welding Machines
- Colton Make Welding Machines

Robotic Welding for Efficiency through Automation

- Three-Phase ABB MIG Robotic Welding System

Press Brake Machine for Precision Bending

- 8-Meter Long CNC Press Brake - Deratech

Roll-forming Machine

- Essential for custom profiles and shapes

Cutting Machines for Accurate Materials Shaping

- CNC Air Plasma Cutting Machine with Oxy-Fuel

Bending Machines for Precision Bending

- CNC Bending Machine (Hindustan)
- Manual Bending Machines

Drilling Machines for Precision Drilling

- Different Range of Drills with Drilling Stations

Pipe Cutting Machine for Tailored Pipe Cutting

- Custom Pipe Cutting Machine

Automated Welding for Streamlining Welding

- Automatic SPM (Special Purpose Machine) Welding Systems

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