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High-capacity, easy-to-assemble modular steel formwork with roll-formed profiles for advanced projects.

Allforte Advanced Formwork System

Allforte Formwork stands out with its ingenious roll-formed panels, boasting a remarkable combination of lightweight design and high load capacity. Its unique corner connector facilitates perpendicular attachment of multiple panels, enhancing the system's advanced modularity.

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Features ofAllforte Advanced Formwork System

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Lightweight, High Load Capacity

Efficient handling, robust support for heavy construction.

Sturdy, Reusable, Enhanced Design
Durable, cost-effective formwork with multiple panel reuses.

Advanced Modularity, Unique Connector
Streamlined setup, seamless perpendicular panel attachment.

Roll-formed Design
Remarkable blend of lightness & strength

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Blend of Roll-formed Design
Allforte’s roll-formed panels offer a remarkable blend of lightness and strength, providing efficient handling and robust support for heavy concrete projects.

Sustainable & Cost-Effective Solution

With the panels' extended lifespan and reduced need for replacements, Allforte proves to be a sustainable and cost-effective choice for construction projects, delivering long-term value and efficiency.

Key Accessories

Explore key essential Allforte accessories that provides crucial support for secure panel connections, stiffening, aligning, and more, ensuring your formwork is reliable and efficient.

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Allforte Modular Formwork Clamp

- Essential accessory for joining two panels securely in formwork setups.
- Precision engineering ensures a rigid and accurate connection.
- Streamlines assembly process for faster and efficient formwork setups.
- Promotes precise formwork configurations, enhancing structural stability.

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Allforte Modular Formwork Prop Support

- Provides reliable vertical support for concrete formwork systems.
- Sturdy construction with high load-bearing capacity.
- Adjustable height feature accommodates various construction heights.
- Ensures stable support for heavy slabs, beams, and walls.
- Durable and easy-to-use, ensuring safety and efficiency in construction.

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Allforte Modular Formwork Corner Connector

- High reusability factor allows for multiple and cost-effective formwork applications.
- Resistant to wear and tear, maintaining structural integrity and efficiency over time.
- Sturdy and durable design ensures long-lasting performance and reliability.
- Enhances overall system modularity and adaptability, optimizing construction versatility.

Available Panel Sizes

Dive into the diverse range of Allforte panel components, offering various sizes and weights to cater to your unique requirements. We also tailor solutions to your exact project needs.

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Customisations Feasible

Our team of experienced engineers excels in fabricating bespoke solutions tailored to your specific requirements. From intricate details to large-scale projects, we ensure precision and excellence in every customization. Your vision, our expertise – let's build success together.

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