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Grip StrutTM

Offers superior slip resistance, making it an ideal choice for secure and stable decking solutions.

Grip StrutTM Anti-skid Surface

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Advancing Safety with Anti-Skid Diamond Grip Surface

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Every year, industrial accidents resulting from falls, tripping, and slipping on surfaces lead to significant losses in man-hours and production. In response to these challenges and evolving market requirements, Allmarc Industries is committed to continuous development, aiming to provide safe and anti-skid surfaces. Their latest innovation is the Anti-Skid Diamond Grip surface, a first-of-its-kind in India, developed through extensive trials and refinement.

Safer, Serrated Surface

The serrated surface ensures a secure grip in all directions, making it ideal for locations prone to hazards like mud, ice, snow, oil, and detergents. Diamond-shaped openings catch falling tools and objects, enhancing overall safety.

Fast Installation

Light and easy-to-handle planks simplify installation, enabling quick and efficient setup. Most sections can be rapidly bolted, clamped, or welded on-site, reducing installation time and effort.

Exclusive Manufacturing by Allmarc Industries

Allmarc stands as the sole manufacturer of Diamond Grip Walkways, Platforms, and Gratings in India, showcasing its commitment to quality and innovation.

- Diamond Grip walkways consist of one-piece metal planks, providing a uniquely slip-resistant surface.
- Ideal for wet or dry conditions requiring excellent slip resistance and traction. Ensures maximum safety underfoot in various working and walking environments.
- Suited for surfaces affected by mud, ice, snow, grease, oil, and detergents, preventing slippery or hazardous conditions.
- Upward and downward embossed diamonds allow drainage of fluids, mud, chips, and debris, making the surface self-cleaning.
- Simple and economical installation, adaptable to cost-effective custom fabrication.
- Long lifespan with minimal maintenance requirements.


Customizable dimensions, durable material choices (Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum), diverse surface finishes, and standard sizes with 16 diamonds. Its robust monolithic design ensures sturdiness, making it perfect for slip-resistant applications like platforms, walkways, and stair treads in various settings.

Standard Dimension (Customisations on Request)

- Height: 38 / 50 / 75 mm
- Length: Min. 500 mm to Max 8000 mm Self finish Painting Pre-Galvanised - Thickness: 1.6 mm to 2.5 mm

Surface Finish

- Self finish
- Painting
- Pre-Galvanised - Zinc Plating
- Powder Coating
- Hot Dip Galvanizing

Standard Width for various Grip Strut diamonds

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Material of Construction

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Grip Strut Design Detail

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Grip Strut Fixing Accessories for Fast Installation

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Grip Strut units offer effortless installation by attaching to any support member below through the utilization of standard Diamond Anchors or specially designed Conventional Z-Clamps. These accessories are exclusively crafted to facilitate secure and efficient Grip Strut fixing applications, ensuring a robust and reliable installation process.

Grip Strut Ramp Test - Anti-slip Grade of R13

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The Anti-Skid Ramp Test, conducted by ANULABS in Delhi, subjected Grip Strut to rigorous evaluation under specific conditions. The test involved both dry surface and wet load motor oil scenarios. The results revealed an impressive performance, with the angle of slip reaching 46 degrees. This outcome translates to an Anti-slip Grade of R13, highlighting the effectiveness of Grip Strut in providing superior traction and slip resistance even under challenging conditions.

Grip Strut Sheet

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Comparison with Conventional Bar Grating and Chequered Plates

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Applications of Grip StrutTM

Grip StrutTM proves indispensable across diverse industries due to its unique features, making it an ideal choice for various applications.

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Industrial Platforms

Enhances safety on elevated platforms, utilized in loading docks, manufacturing plants, & processing facilities.

Walkways and Catwalks

Constructs safe walkways and catwalks, ensuring stability in access points between buildings, along production lines, and outdoor facilities.

Stair Treads

Provides stable rungs for ladders, enhancing safety during ascent and descent, commonly used in maintenance access ladders.

Ladder Rungs

Constructs safe walkways and catwalks, ensuring stability in access points between buildings, along production lines, and outdoor facilities.

Equipment Platforms

Ensures a secure surface for workers on equipment platforms, reducing accident risks during machinery installations.

Mezzanine Floors

Utilized in constructing mezzanine floors for additional storage, offices, or workspaces above ground level.

Trench Covers

Creates slip-resistant covers for trenches, promoting safety in manufacturing facilities, construction sites, and utility areas.

Ramps and Gangways

Constructs reliable walking surfaces for ramps & gangways, commonly used in loading areas & shipyards

Utility and Service Vehicles

Applied to vehicles, ensuring secure foothold for workers during maintenance, inspections, & operations.

Conveyor Walkways

Used in constructing walkways along conveyors, facilitating safe material handling and providing stable access for maintenance.

Catenary Walkways

Installed for safe access along catenary systems in railways, ensuring stability for maintenance personnel.

Pedestrian Bridges

Utilized in constructing pedestrian bridges, providing secure, slip-resistant pathways over water bodies or challenging terrains.

Customisations Feasible

Our team of experienced engineers excels in fabricating bespoke solutions tailored to your specific requirements. From intricate details to large-scale projects, we ensure precision and excellence in every customization. Your vision, our expertise – let's build success together.

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