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Pioneering Precision in High-Speed Railway
Allmarc takes pride in its role in the Ahmedabad to Mumbai High-Speed Rail project, providing precision-engineered pier and pier cap formwork that underscores our commitment to excellence in elevated rail construction. Our innovative solutions guarantee efficiency, durability, and success in this historic undertaking.
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Contributing to the new Parliament House's grandeur with precision scaffolding.
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Empowering MHASR: Allmarc's monumental role in Ahmedabad to Mumbai High-Speed Rail.
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Unveiling the world's largest stadium, a feat of precision and innovation by Allmarc.
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UI/UX Design
Elevating wonders beneath the waves with Allmarc's exceptional scaffolding.
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Contributing to the new Parliament House's grandeur with precision scaffolding.
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Redefining Construction Excellence

Allmarc Industries is a global powerhouse that has undergone an incredible transformation, starting from a small 400 sq ft workshop in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, and growing into a massive 350,000 sq ft state-of-the-art manufacturing unit.

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Founded in 2010, Allmarc Industries embarked on a remarkable journey with a small workshop in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

From humble beginnings, we have grown into an established name in the industry, catering to the steel fabrication needs of prominent engineering and construction firms across the country.

With unwavering dedication and commitment to excellence, we have continuously expanded our capabilities, improved our processes, and embraced advanced technologies.

Today, we host a state-of-the-art facility equipped with the latest CNC machinery, robotic welding arms, and cutting-edge tools.

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Our Commitment to Excellence

At Allmarc Industries, excellence is our way of life. We surpass industry standards and client expectations, delivering perfection in every project.

From design to execution, we prioritize quality control, ensuring superior craftsmanship and durability. Safety, efficiency, and sustainability drive our processes.

As your trusted partner, we provide comprehensive solutions, personalized support, and timely project delivery. Our dedicated team goes the extra mile to ensure your success.

With expertise, creativity, and passion, we offer tailored solutions for each client. Our extensive experience spans diverse industries, leaving a trail of satisfied clients and remarkable achievements.

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Infrastructure Formwork

Meet the demanding requirements of infrastructure projects with our robust formwork solutions. From bridges to tunnels, our systems offer the strength, durability & flexibility needed to construct large-scale infrastructure with utmost efficiency & safety.

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Pre-cast Infra Formwork

  • Noise Barrier
    Allmarc specializes in constructing pre-cast moulds for noise barrier to be used any Bullet Train project. The technical challenges overcome by Allmarc include achieving a minimal thickness of 90mm for a height of 2.4m and preserving the intricate C shape, featuring numerous precise chamfers. Our innovative approach involved crafting the mould with hydraulics, incorporating multiple cavities (2, 4, 12 cavities in a single mould). This design allows for seamless movement during shuttering and deshuttering processes, ensuring the preservation of corners and chamfers without any damage.
  • U Cable Duct
    Allmarc has successfully developed a 4-Cavity U-Duct mold that boasts a shared outer shutter and a separate inner shutter arrangement, aiming for increased productivity while minimizing the use of components. This innovative design not only addresses the challenge of inner shutter intricacy in confined spaces but also reduces or eliminates the dependency on on-site labor.

    Specializing in the manufacturing of cable duct molds, Allmarc's expertise shines in overcoming the complexities of inner shutters. The U duct mold, with its four cavities, showcases a unique collapsing mechanism. By utilizing minimal hydraulic power, we prioritize efficiency in our mold design. Additionally, we provide both pneumatic and hydraulic arrangements for our U duct molds, offering versatility to suit different preferences and requirements.
  • Track Slab
    Crafting the track slab mould posed a formidable challenge for Allmarc, but our immense expertise and infrastructure enabled us to pull it off seamlessly. The mould's length surpasses 5 meters, an unusually long dimension for precasting. Despite its substantial size, we've maintained the element's thickness at an efficient 190mm, carefully considering its size and area. With a design speed exceeding 350km/hr, the track slab emerges as a robust alternative to traditional railway sleepers beneath the tracks.

    Remarkably, after Japan and China, Allmarc proudly stands as the sole global manufacturer of such moulds, solidifying its unique and leading position in the industry. Additionally, Allmarc has achieved the distinction of being one of the first Indian companies to manufacture such moulds, marking a significant milestone in the country's engineering and manufacturing capabilities.
  • U Girder
    Our U Cable Duct pre-cast moulds provide a robust solution for organizing and protecting underground cables, ensuring seamless electrical installations. These ducts are designed for durability and ease of use, making them the preferred choice for efficient cable management.
  • Long Line
    Our Long Line pre-cast moulds are designed to streamline precast concrete production processes, enabling efficiency and maintaining high quality. These solutions are ideal for large-scale projects where precision and speed are crucial.
  • Short Line
    Our Short Line pre-cast moulds are designed to cater to smaller-scale projects, offering compact and efficient solutions for precise and cost-effective precast concrete production.
  • Drainage Moulds
    Our Drainage Moulds are tailored for effective water management, ensuring efficient flow and long-term durability of drainage systems. These customized moulds are designed to facilitate proper water drainage in various applications.
  • Retainer Walls
    Retainer Wall Moulds offer tailored, precast concrete solutions for constructing retaining walls that combine structural strength with aesthetic appeal. These molds allow for versatile design options and efficient wall assembly, enhancing both the stability and visual harmony of the surrounding environment.
  • Box Culvert
    Box Culverts are precast concrete elements that provide flexible solutions for a range of drainage and underground structure needs. These rectangular or square-shaped units come with the advantage of easy installation and can be customized to meet specific project requirements. Box Culverts offer exceptional durability, making them ideal for stormwater management, utility tunnels, underpasses, and more.

Cast In-situ Infra Formwork

  • Pier
    Elevate your infrastructure projects with Allmarc's Pier Formwork, designed for precision and efficiency in in-situ molding. Our innovative solutions redefine the construction process, ensuring optimal performance and unmatched durability. From the ground up, Allmarc Pier Formwork sets the standard for excellence in infrastructure construction.
  • Pier Cap
    Allmarc introduces cutting-edge technology in infrastructure construction with our Pier Cap Formwork – an in-situ molding solution redefining excellence. Engineered with precision and innovation, our formwork ensures the seamless fabrication of pier caps, setting a new standard for durability and efficiency in construction projects.
  • Track Bed
    Elevate railway construction with Allmarc's Track Bed Mould—a cutting-edge solution designed to redefine precision and efficiency in creating sturdy and reliable track beds. Engineered with innovation, our mould sets a new standard for quality, ensuring a robust foundation for seamless rail infrastructure.

Speciality Formwork

  • Allwell Deep Foundation
    Allwell Deep Foundation is an advanced and highly effective solution designed for large-diameter excavations, ranging from 6 meters to 11 meters. It is achieved by providing substantial support to the bore wall through corrugated steel liner plates arranged in a circular formwork configuration.
  • Seismic Stopper
    The Seismic Stopper is a critical element in seismic engineering. It acts as a restraint to mitigate seismic forces and ensure the structural integrity of buildings during seismic events.

Building Formwork

Experience precise and efficient concrete shaping with our top-quality formwork solutions. From traditional to advanced systems, we optimize efficiency, safety & cost-effectiveness in every project.

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Slab and Column Formwork

  • Allform Aluminium Formwork
    Crafted from top-quality aluminum, the Allform Formwork system offers remarkable strength without sacrificing portability. This panel-based system is designed to accommodate a wide range of shapes, making construction more efficient and precise.
  • Allfit Modular Steel Formwork System
    Robust steel-framed panel based formwork with Birch Plywood, easy interconnections, and quick assembly for durable and efficient construction.
  • Allforte Advanced Formwork System
    Robust steel-framed panel based formwork with Birch Plywood, easy interconnections, and quick assembly for durable and efficient construction.
  • Slab Formwork
    Engineered for durability with strong props, versatile steel timber beams, and resilient birch plywood, ensuring efficient and lasting concrete construction

Formwork Beams

  • Primary Steel Beam
    The Primary Beam takes center stage in slab formwork and shoring applications, offering robust support and structural stability crucial for seamless construction processes. Engineered for reliability, it ensures the integrity of formwork systems, providing a solid foundation for elevated slabs and structures.
  • Secondary Beam - Steel Timber
    We offer wooden battens with a full-length steel cover, significantly enhancing reusability up to 250 times. Steel Timber® introduces a distinctive concept, harnessing the synergies of steel and timber seamlessly integrated for conventional construction formwork applications. Its installation is straightforward, requiring no additional costly accessories, and it seamlessly integrates with existing conventional formwork systems.
  • Allbeam - Aluminium Single Webbed Beam
    The Allbeam Aluminium Single Webbed Beam is a lightweight and durable solution designed for various construction applications. Its innovative design ensures optimal strength while maintaining versatility.
  • Allbeam - Aluminium Double Webbed Beam
    The Allbeam Aluminium Double Webbed Beam is a robust and versatile solution engineered to meet the demands of modern construction. Its double webbed design enhances strength and stability.
  • Allslim Soldering Beam
    Allslim Soldering Beam is an exceptional primary beam known for its unmatched strength-to-weight ratio, adaptability, and a wide range of applications. Our Allslim Beams offers reusability across multiple construction sites and various temporary work applications.

Formwork Accessories

  • Formwork Props
    Reliable and high-capacity support systems for formwork construction, produced with precision and efficiency.
  • Props Extension
    Extension components designed to enhance the height range of standard props.
  • Prop Head
    The topmost part of a prop, providing stable support to beams and formwork.
  • U Head
    U-shaped support heads facilitating secure beam placement in formwork.
  • 4 Way Head / Cross Head
    Versatile head components allowing multi-directional support for beams.
  • Hy-rib
    Corrugated steel sheets designed for use in concrete formwork applications.
  • Birch Ply
    High-quality plywood made from birch wood, ideal for various construction and formwork needs.
  • Bracket
    Adaptable platforms for flexible worker positioning, promoting safety and efficiency on construction sites.

Scaffolding & Shoring Systems

Your trusted partner in providing versatile, reliable & safe access systems for elevated construction projects ensuring efficient workflows, maximum worker safety, and seamless project execution, empowering you to reach new heights with confidence.

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  • Fix Length Plank
  • Telescopic Length Plank

Toe Guard

  • Fix Length Toe Board
  • Telescopic Length Toe Board

Cuplock System

  • Heavy-duty Cuplock System
  • Cuplock System Accessories

Ring Lock System

  • Allshore Shoring System
  • Allstage Staging System

Decking & Access System

Your trusted partner in providing versatile, reliable & safe access systems for elevated construction projects ensuring efficient workflows, maximum worker safety, and seamless project execution, empowering you to reach new heights with confidence.

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  • Grip Strut Anti-Skid Surface
    Offers superior slip resistance, making it an ideal choice for secure and stable decking solutions.
  • Universal Anti-Skid Surface
  • Landing Mat

Access System

  • Crossover Bridges
    Seamless pathways for elevated transitions in industrial settings.
  • Allstep - Modular Access Solution
    Versatile modular access system for efficient and adaptable access.
  • Allguard - Modular Handrails
    Robust modular handrail systems ensuring safety in diverse environments.
  • Alltank - ISO Tank Access System
    Tailored access solution designed for ISO tanks, optimizing efficiency and safety.
  • Allmobil - Mobile Stairs
    Tailored access solution designed for ISO tanks, optimizing efficiency and safety.
  • Customized Access Systems
    Tailor-made access solutions for specific industrial requirements.

Stairs & Ladders

  • Aluminium Single Ladder
  • Diamond Ladder Step
  • ISO Rung Ladder
    Our Anti-Skid Ladders feature a range of rungs tailored to diverse applications, prioritizing safety and stability during ascent and descent.